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USA and World City Maps from the Antique and Historical, Royalty Free, Clip Art Maps Collection

United States and World Antique City Maps from the World of Maps Clip Art, Antique Historical Map Collection, includes 125 vintage maps from 1500-1900. This full royalty free, antique collection includes: World Projections, North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America Countries and some city maps.

Antique images are all from the Antique Historical Map Collection on CD Rom

Detroit 1889 Antique Historical map, Royalty Free, Clip Art

City of Detroit, Michigan, 1889 Antique Historical Map
Created Detroit, Calvert Lith Co., birds eye view showing about three miles square of the central portion of the city of Detroit Michigan.

Denver 1881 Historical Antique map, Royalty Free, Clip art

City of Denver, Colorado, 1881, Antique Historical Map
Created J. H. Flett, bird's eye view of the city of Denver, Colorado

Sydney, Australia map 1922, antique historical map, royalty free, clip art

Sydney, Australia Map 1922, Antique Historical Map
Created Sydney, Australia, H.E.C. Robinson, Aeroplane map of Sydney


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1831, antique vintage, royalty free, clip map

Rio de Janeiro, capital of Brazil, 1831, Antique Historical, Vintage Map
Created E. De la Michellerie, Colors indicated parishes, yellow is Candelaria, pinkis San Jose, blue is Sacramento, green is Santa Anna, and peach is Santa Rita,

Quebec, Canada map, 1755, antique historical map, royalty free, clip art

Quebec, Canada map 1755, Antique Historical Map
Created Quebec, shows siege of Quebec city in 1670, pen-and-ink and watercolor


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1752 map, antique historical map, royalty free, clip art

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania map, 1752, Antique Historical Map
Created Philadelphia, Nicholas Scull 1686?-1761?, a map of Philadelphia and parts adjacent, with a perspective view of the State House, rural buildings shown pictorially with occopants names

Paris, France map 1700s, antique rare map, royalty free, clip art

Paris, France map 1700s, Antique Historical Map
Created Nicolas de Fer. 1646-1720

New York, NY map 1683, antique rare maps, royalty free, clip art

New York, NY map 1683, Antique Historical Map
Created paris? Gerard Jollain, New Amsterdam, text in Latin and French, on colth backing,showing individual buildings and ships

Moscow, Russia map 1745, antique historical map, royalty free, clip art

Moscow, Russia map, 1745, Antique Historical Map
Created Petropoli Ivan Fedorovich Michurin 1700-1763, from the Academy of Sciences Atlas

London, Great Britain map, 1860, anqitue rare map, royalty free, clip art

London, Great Britain 1860, Antique Historical Map
Created, C. Smith & So, Smith's new map of London

Jerusalem, Israel map 1660s, antique histroical map, royalty free, clip art

Jerusalem map 1660s, Israel, Middle East, Antique Historical Map
Created Amsterdam, Nicolaes Visscher 1618-1679 Maps isn't dated by is intended to be bound in a Bible, has privileges, not dated, granted to N. Visscher by the States of Holland and West Friesland

District of Columbia map 1891, antique historical map, rare map, royalty free, clip art

District of Columbia map 1891, America, USA, Antique Historical Map
Created Washington DC Corps of Engineers, Peter C. Hains 1840-1921, includes a cross section of a proposed channel

The digital maps come on 3 CD-roms in rgb, jpg format in two resolutions, 300dpi and 72dpi, royalty free and ready for print or electronic uses. Maps are perfect to use for illustrations, graphic design, web sites, craft and scrapbook projects, education and classrooms.


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