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North America Maps from the Antique and Historical, Royalty Free, Clip Art Maps Collection

North American maps from the World of Maps Clip Art, Antique Historical Map Collection, includes 125 historical vintage maps from 1500-1900. This full royalty free, antique collection includes: World Projections, North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America Countries and some city maps.

Antique images are all from the Antique Historical Map Collection on CD Rom

Western Hemisphere 1550 Antique Historical Maps, Royalty Free, Clip Art

Western Hemisphere 1550 Antique Historical Map, Created Basel, Switzerland, Sebastian Munster, Shows South America labeled in German, geographic features otherwise in Latin.

New Spain, 1671 Antique Historical map, royalty free, north america

New Spain 1671, North America, Mexico, Antique Vintage Map, Created London, John Ogilby, Appears in Ogilby's America and Montanus' De nieuwe en onbekende weerld. Other titles, Nova Hispania, Nova Galicia, Guatimala

North America 1849 Antique Historical map, Royalty Free, United States

North America, 1849, United States, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Central America,
Antique Historical map, Created, Charles Smith 1800-1822

North America 1826, United States, Antique Vintage map, Royalty Free, Clip Art

North America 1826, United States, Canada, Central America, Mexico, Cuba,
Antique Historical Map, Created D. H. Vance, Map of North America including all the recent geographical discoveries 

North America 1811 antique historical United States map, royalty free, antiquarian

North America 1811, United States, New Spain, Mexico, Caribbean Sea, Canada, Antique Historical, Vintage Map, Created John Cary 1754-1835

1780 Antique North America map, vintage historical, antiquarian, rare, old map

North America 1780, includes South America, Central America, United States, Antique Historical Map, Longitudial and Latitude lines, Created Guillaume de L'Isle 1675-1726

North America 1737 rare historical maps, royalty free, clip art

North America 1737, Colonial America, United States, Great Lakes, Antique Vintage, Rare, Historical Map. Created Amsterdam, Chez J. F. Bernard. Shows territory from Hudson Bay to the Gulf of Mexico, and from headwaters fo the Rio Grande to the mouth of the St. Lawrence.

North America 1694 Vintage Historical map, Old print, heritage, atlases, vintage

North America 1694, New Spain, Central America, Mexico, Caribbean Sea, Longitude and Latitude lines, Antique, Heritage, Historical Map. Created Alexis Hubert Jaillot 1632?-1712, Based on a map published by Nicolas Sanson in 1650

1685 Historical Antique vintage map, royalty free, clip art

North America 1685, United States, Mexico, Cuba, New Spain, Mexico, Hudson Bay to South America, Caribbean Sea, Antique Historical Map. Created Philip Lea 1683-1700, North America divided into its III principal parts.

Antique Historical maps, 1652, Old Map, Old Print, Vintage, heritage

North America 1652, Mexico, Canada, Central America, Northern South America, United States, Antique Historical, Vintage Map. Created Amsterdam, Ioannes Ianssonius, Jan Jansson 1588-1664, Equator, some coasts and othe details

Mexico, 1847, antique map, royalty free, old prints, cartography, vintage

Mexico 1847, United States, Mexico, Cuba, Southern USA, Antique Historical Heritage Map. Created New York, John Disturnell 1801-1877, Covers the United States southwest of Georgia and Iowa and south of Oregon Territory, Notes within maps describe historical events, including those of the Mexican War. Notes in Spanish and English

Mexico 1804, vintage map, old spain, antique, historical, royalty free, central ameria

Mexico 1804, New Spain, United States, Antique Historical Vintage Map. Created London, Alexander von Humboldt 1769-1859. A map of New Spain, from 16 degrees to 38 degrees North latitude, drawn from astronomical observation at Mexico in the year 1804.

Mexico 1742, antique vintage map, historical, atlases

Mexico, 1742, Baja, Antiquarian, Antique Historical Map, Created Coronelli

Hispaniola 1724, New Spain Map, Antique historical

Hispaniola 1724, Vintage, Antique Historical Map. Created Paris? Amedee Francois Frezier 1682-1773

Cuba, Florida, 1591 Antique Historical Map, Royalty Free, clip art

Antique Historical Cuba and Florida Map, 1591, Antique Historical Map. Created Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues, -1588. Shows Florida region, northeastern coastling, Port Royal, Fort Caroline, Cuba, mounted on cloth abacking

1764 Costa Rica, antique Historical map, copyright, Old Map

Costa Rica 1764, Carribean Sea, Vintage, Antique Historical Map. Created Jacques Nicolas Bellin 1703-1772. From the author's Le petit atlas maritime, 1764

Caribbean 1606, Antique Historical Map, Antiquarian, Heritage, royalty free, clip art

Caribbean 1606, Vintage, Antique Historical Map, Created Levinus Hulsius.
The map was engraved for the second edition of the fourth part of Hulsius' collection of voyages.In this second edition of the map, three islands have been inserted below the bottom border of the lower map

The digital maps come on 3 CD-roms in rgb, jpg format in two resolutions, 300dpi and 72dpi, royalty free and ready for print or electronic uses. Maps are perfect to use for illustrations, graphic design, web sites, craft and scrapbook projects, education and classrooms.


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