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European Maps from the Antique and Historical, Royalty Free, Clip Art Maps Collection

European maps from the World of Maps Clip Art, Antique Historical Map Collection, includes 125 historical vintage maps from 1500-1900. This full royalty free, antique collection includes: World Projections, North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America Countries and some city maps.

Antique images are all from the Antique Historical Map Collection on CD Rom

British Isles, 1801, Great Britain Antique Historical maps, Royalty Free

British Isles 1801 map, Historical Antique map
Created I.G.L. Weidner

British Isles 1783, Antique Historical map, royalty Free, clip art

British Isles 1783 map, Antique Historical map.
Created Paris, Louis Brion de la Tour, Includes England, Scotland, Ireland and inset of the shetland and Orkney Islands

Map Art Idea for Children or Kids - Cullen's Abc's


Mediterranean Sea map, 1590 Europe, antique historical italy, greece, rare old maps, royalty free

Central Mediterranean 1590 map, Italy, Malta, Sicily, North Africa,
Antique Historical map.
Created Joan Oliva, pen and ink and watercolor on vellum, from a portolan atlas of the Mediterranean Sea and western European waters

East Mediterranean 1590 antique map, europe,, heritage, antiquarian, royalty free, clip art

Eastern Mediterranean 1590 map, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Middle East, Egypt,
Antique Historical map.
Created Joan Oliva, pen and ink and watercolor on vellum, from a portolan atlas of the Mediterranean Sea and western European waters, and the northwest coast of Africa 

Europe 1600 antique historical, royalty free. cartography, clip art

Europe 1600 map, Spain, France, Norway, Germany, Italy, North Africa to northern Europe, Antique Historical map.
Created Siena, Italy, Arnoldo di Arnoldi

France 1594, Europe, Germany, antique historical, rare maps, old prints, royalty free

France 1594 map, Europe, Normandy, Antique Historical map.
Created Paris, Melchoir Tavernier

France 1724, europe, atlas, vintage antique map, clip art, royalty free

France 1724 map, Germany, Europe, Great Britain, Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Antique Historical rare map.
Created Alexis Hubert Jaillot 1632?-1712

Germany 1700s, Antique Rare map, cartography, old map, royalty free, clip art

Germany 1700s map, European, Poland, France, Austria, Antique Historical map. Created Johann Baptist Homann 1663-1724

Greece 1688 Antique rare map, europe, Mediteranean Sea, royalty free, rare map

Greece, 1688 map, historical illustrations, rare map, cartography,
Antique Historical map.
Created Amsterdam, Frederik de Wit, includes a lion with enslaved human figures shown in embellished title cartouche. Vies of fortified town inouter marging, Navarino, Zarnata, Casl. Tornese, Corinto, Malvasia, Patrasso, Coron, Mapoli de Romania, Modon, Misitra olun Sparta, Atene Cerigo, S. Maura, and Lefanto

Ireland 1600s map, antique map, europe, great britain, royalty free, Irish, clip art

Ireland 1600s map, Europe, Great Britain, Irish Sea, Antique Historical Map
Created Gerhard Mercator 1512-1594

Ireland 1766 map, antique rare map, great britain, europe, royalty free, clip art

Ireland 1766 map, Irish, Antiquarian Rare map
Created Louis Brion d la Tour

Ireland 1700s map, vintage historical map, europe, great britain, royalty free, clip art

Detailed Ireland map, around 1700s, Europe, Great Britain, Antique Rare map
Created Frederik de Wit

Italy 1890 antique vintage rare map, europe, mediteranean sea, royalty free, clipart

Italy 1890 map, Sicily, Corsica, Adriatic Sea, Antique Historical map.

Luxembourg 1700s Antique map, europe, france, germany, Belgium, royalty free, clip art

Luxembourg 1700s, Antique Historical Rare map, Old map
Created Johann Baptist Homann 1663-1724

Mediterranean 1680 vintage rare map, antique, italy, greece, spain, north africa, royalty free, clip art.

Mediterranean 1680 map, travels of Saint Paul, Apostels illustrated along the bottom, Mediterranean Sea, Italy, Greece, Antique Historical map.
Created London, Richard Blome, a map of the travels and voyages of the apostles, includes scenes of apostles at bottom of map

Mediterranean 1685 antique map, cartography, old prints, rare, vintage, royalty free,clip art

Mediterranean 1685 map, Europe, Italy, Greece, North Africa, Turkey, Egypt,
Antique Historical Rare map.
Created London William Berry 1669-1780

Mediterranean 1817 Antique map, Europe, Italy, greece, royalty free, clip art,

Mediterranean 1817 Antique Historical Map, Italy, Greece, France, Heritage,
Created John Thomson Chart of the Mediterranean Sea, drawn & engraved for Thomson's New general atlas 1817, Insets Bay & roads of Marseilles, the harbour of Genoa, Plan of the rock and bay of Gibraltar, shewing the position of the combined fleet and attak of the battering ships in 1782 , Gulf of Smyrna, Attack on Algiers by the fleet under the command of Adml. Lord Exmouth, August 27, 1816, Sketch of watering place of Algeziars, Leghorn road

North ireland 1665 Antique map, great britain, europe, antiquaria, rare, royalty free, clip art

Northern Ireland, 1665 Antique Map, Vintage, Historical, Rare map
Created Ncolas Sanson 1600-1667

Norway, 1700s Antique map, vintage rare, cartography, royalty free, clip art

Norway 1700s Map, Europe, Antique Historical map.
Created Jan jansson 1588-1664

North West Africa 1590 antique map, rare map, heritage, royalty free, clip art

North West Africa, Mediterranean, Antique Historical map.
Created Joan Oliva, pen and ink and watercolor on vellum, from a portolan atlas of the Mediterranean Sea and western European waters

Portugal 1730 map, antique rare  old map, europe, spain, royalty free, clip art

Portugal 1730 Map, Europe, Antique Historical map.
Created Reino do Algarve

Ukraine 1648 rare map, antique, historical, russia, prussia, poland, royalty free, europe, clip art

Ukraine 1648 map, Antique Historical Rare map, Europe
Created Gedanum Guillaume Le Vasseur, sieur de Beauplan, oriented with north to the bottom

West Mediterranean UK 1590 map, antique historical rare map, france, spain, ireland,royalty free

Western Mediterranean to Great Britain map 1590, Spain, France, Ireland North Africa, Antique Historical map.
Created Joan Oliva, pen and ink and watercolor on vellum, from a portolan atlas of the Mediterranean Sea and western European waters

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The antique historical digital maps come on 3 CD-roms in rgb, jpg format in two resolutions, 300dpi and 72dpi, royalty free and ready for print or electronic uses. Maps are perfect to use for illustrations, graphic design, web sites, craft and scrapbook projects, education and classrooms.

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