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Asian Maps from the Antique and Historical, Royalty Free, Clip Art Maps Collection

Asian Antique maps from the World of Maps Clip Art, Antique Historical Map Collection, includes 125 historical vintage maps from 1500-1900. This full royalty free, antique collection includes: World Projections, North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America Countries and some city maps.

Antique images are all from the Antique Historical Map Collection on CD Rom

Asia 1570 antique historical map, royalty free, clipart

Asian Antique Map, 1570, Covers northern Asia from Abraham Ortelius's atlas: Theatrvm Orbis Terrarvm, 1603, hand colored,
Cartographer Abraham Ortelius 1527-1598

Asian, asia map 1680 antique historial royalty free clip art map

Asia 1680 Antique Historical Map, Dutch cartographer, publisher, Pierre vander Aa 1659-1733, inset maps Kamchadka to Korea to Indo-China; Beijing, China to Yellow Sea
Created Pieter van der Aa 1659-1733, Insets maps: Kamchadka to Korea to Indo-China, Beiging, China to Yellow Sea

Asia 1805 Antique Map China, japan, historical, vintage royaty free clip art

Asia 1805 map, China, India, Japan, South East Asia, Russia,
Antique Historical map.
Created Nurnberg, F. L. Gussfeld 1744-1807

Australia 1826, antique historical rare map, vintage, royalty free, clip art

Australia 1826 map, Vintage, Rare, Antique Historical map.
Created Adrien Hubert Brue 1786-1832


Australia 1818 antique rare map, historical vintage, royalty free, clip art

Australia 1818 map, Antique Historical map.
Created John Pinkerton 1758-1826

Central Asia 1885, antique historical rare map, royalty free, clip art

Central Asia 1885 map, Middle East, Persian Gulf, Red Sea, Caspian Sea
Antique Historical map.
Created New York, G.W. & C.B. Colton & Co. Central Asia: Afghanistan and her relation to British and Russian territories, includes inset of Europe, Asia and Africa

China 1655 Historial rare map, antique historical old map, royalty free, clip art

China 1655 Map, Antique Historical map.
Created Amsterdam, Martino Martini 1614-1661, covds 16 provinces of China, Korea and Japan

China 1869 Rare antique map, Korea, Taiwanroyalty free, clip art

China 1869 map, Korea, Taiwan, Antique Historical map.
Created Gotha, Germany, A Petermann 1822-1878

China 1655 antique historical map, vintage, royalty free, clip art

China 1655 map, Korea, Japan, Taiwan
Antique Historical map.

India 1903 antique rare map, Nepal, Butan, heritage, old map, royalty free, clip art

India 1903 map, Ceylon, Nepal, Butan, Central Asia
Antique Historical map.
Created Dodd, Mead & Company

Japan 1855, Antique heritage, vintage map, royalty free, clip art

Japan 1855 map, China, Antique Historical map.
Created New York, G. Woolworth Colton 1827-1901

Japan, Korea 1815 antique rare map, cartography, royalty free, clip art

Japan and Korea 1815 map, China, Antique Historical map.
Created J. & G. Menzies, drawn & engraved for Thomson's New General Atlas 16th edition 1815

Korea 1750 antique rare map, japan, china, royalty free, clip art

Korea 1750 map, China, Antique Historical map.
Created Historie Universette d'une Societe de Gens de Lettres

Russia 1876 antique historical rare maps, royalty free, clip art

Russia 1876 map, China, Mongolia, Japan, Central Asia
Antique Historical map.
Created Gotha, Karl Spruner von Merz 1803-1892

Russia 1890 antique map, rare old map, china, japan, europe

Russia 1890 map, China, Europe, Antique Historical map.
Created A. Jlyne

The vintage, historical digital maps come on 3 CD-roms in rgb, jpg format in two resolutions, 300dpi and 72dpi, royalty free and ready for print or electronic uses. Maps are perfect to use for illustrations, graphic design, web sites, craft and scrapbook projects, education and classrooms.

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